Spring Awakening: Rabbitsongs, Covered In Folk


Yes, it’s been two months since we last checked in with a new feature here on Cover Lay Down. And although the thaw is new here in New England, the long winter of our hours still presses upon us.

Tomorrow we’re off chaperoning the Senior Class Trip to Cape Cod; we’ll return on Wednesday, just in time to don a dress for a two-week run of Hairspray. Work beckons, come Monday, with year-end evaluations and a holy host of the usual stresses of state testing and final exams to prepare for with my students.

In the works, and almost finished, lie fertile features on new CDs and singles, tributes to Will Oldham and Jackson Browne, and the songs of Jesse Winchester, in memoriam. But today it’s Easter, an especially fitting day to rise again.

Let it be rabbits, then. Soft, warm, and reassuring, thieves and harbingers of garden and grass; symbols of growth and rebirth, and the proliferation that is sure to follow.

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4 Responses to “Spring Awakening: Rabbitsongs, Covered In Folk”

  1. Kurt

    THat was a painful separation!! Welcome back.

  2. Lewis

    Welcome back, boyhowdy! Excellent songs here. I hope your family is well – I know you are doing good work up there. Cheers!

  3. cindy

    Glad I found ya!

  4. HBF

    Glad to hear from you again. I was beginning to fear things were bad for you.

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