Christmas Cheer Coverfolk:
Seasonal Songs of Drinking, Revisited

An unexpected week in the hospital with the chronically ill elderchild has temporarily postponed what was intended to be a triumphant return to regular blogging. But last night, she was well enough to come home, and to exclaim sleepily with delight at our neighborhood alight with the trees and pageantry of Christmas as we drove though the darkened streets. And I am delighted, myself, to note that 80 years ago today, the 21st Amendment to the Constitution was passed and ratified, ending national Prohibition, and paving the way for a return to the Christmas tradition of drinking with good company – a ritual sorely lacking in the sterile halls of even the most friendly in-patient ward.

And so a hastily-constructed thematic feature, previously lost to our server troubles last winter, is reborn.

Join us, as we lift a glass to the season and the day with a decidedly mixed-bar set of songs celebrating home, family, and holiday drinking. We’ll be back next week with some new and classic coverfolk cheer as we continue our celebration of Christmas 2013. May God bless us, every one.

Download the Cover Lay Down Drinking at Xmas mix in one convenient zip file!

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One Response to “Christmas Cheer Coverfolk:
Seasonal Songs of Drinking, Revisited

  1. Ann Strickland

    Thanks for all you do! This is an amazing compilation.
    Thinking thoughts of great healing for your daughter and may you and your family enjoy a hospital-free holiday. It sounds like you all could use a break–for sure.

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