These Days: A Summer Interlude


I’m in the middle of a lot of things these days: booking artists for the upcoming Unity House Concerts season, boning up on poetry and plays for Drama and English classes this Fall, compiling a mid-year list of the best 2016 tributes and cover compilation albums so far.

Far off in the distance, the horizon is busy with the skyscrapers of family and work and social justice. Tomorrow morning I’m off to Louisville for a conference; just two weeks, and we’ll be on the fields of Falcon Ridge, our home away from home; one week after that, and I’m in school, if not the classroom, preparing for another year on the front lines.

But it’s a fine day, with little to do but since on the porch and listen mindfully to the birds and the hum of the air conditioner. Gypsy moths flutter by over the overgrown yard. The air is cool as yesterday, when we took my brother to Sturbridge Village, and wandered among the calves.

Nothing is urgent. It’s almost noon, but upstairs, the children are still snug in their beds.

Slow Summer is here, if just for a moment.

Let it shimmer around you, before it gets gone.

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  1. J

    “Satisfied Mind” by Joe “Red” Hayes and Jack Rhodes… Porter Waqner had a big hit with it; he was first to record it, I think

  2. boyhowdy

    Thanks for the extra data, “J”! It’s always good to track authorship. “Coverage”, however, is defined as taking on the first official recording – it’s a question of interpretation and ownership of what’s HEARD, not what’s imagined. Hence the Porter Wagoner “original” tag – which seems to agree with your own research…

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